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Melissa McElwee Lighting photo

445pm traffic June 14th 2018 I-26 west bound scattered thunderstorm

posted: 6/14/18

Sandy Reed Termites

Please do a story on this. This family had been living in their home without siding, stairs, access to doors for over a year now. Mediation did not work. Please run a story on the plight of this family. Friends and family, today is the day. After 2+ years of being plagued by termites we are finally in mediation today. It has been a shame to see how ownership has been dismissed and how we are being treated. (Grab your coffee, long post) We are left crippled in mind and spirit going into today. A few things that would have us a bit stronger did not happen: our news story didn’t make it on air yet, although it hopes to be soon 🙂, and our expert witness had surgery and will probably not be there today to help us. We want to keep a positive mindset despite these setbacks. Thank you all for listening to our story these years. Our hope is that someone else learned something through our hardship and know that we are here to help if anyone is going through a termite situation. We also hope to end today positively. We need wisdom, calmness and peace of mind today. If mediation is not successful then there will probably be another attempt and then court, which could be another year or more out. This is where we need wisdom the most. Actual photo of termites in our home. 2nd photo was early on as we now have no siding on house for about 1 year. Get Outlook for Android

posted: 6/7/18

Manessah Nieves Storm

Taken in Ladson on Blue House Road bear 26 & 78 7:00pm

posted: 6/2/18

Manessah Nieves Storm

Taken in a Ladson on Blue House road near 26 &78

posted: 6/2/18

PB AccIdent

Goose Creek 176 and Myers Road - 9pm Goose Creek City Fire and Police - Berkeley County Police multiple Ambulances

posted: 5/25/18

Tamela L Collins Accident involving 2 Berkeley county Police officers

Intersection of College Park and Miami.

posted: 5/20/18

Susan Bennett Wreck

Wreck happened about 6:45pm on Rivers Ave in front of Smokey Bones and Cane’s

posted: 5/20/18

Felicia Ann Newberry (passenger) Traffic on Rivers Ave just past Hanahan Rd going towards Aviation Ave

Traffic on Rivers Ave just past Hanahan Rd going towards Aviation Ave

posted: 5/18/18

Anonymous Dubose Middle School

Summerville Police were out at Dubose middle this morning including K9 Unit at the trailer sitting in road for BUS entrance.

posted: 5/8/18

Lauren Caloca Thornal Wreck on Miles Jameson

Wreck on Miles Jameson

posted: 4/14/18